As a Sunderland Marine Aquaculture Client, you benefit from our tailored and technical claims service.

We recognise that making a claim can interrupt business operations, that’s why our team of expert claims handlers will resolve your claim as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re a fish farmer, an owner of angling lakes, or another aquaculture business owner, you will always receive the best possible support and guidance throughout the claims process.

We understand our Aquaculture policyholders operate in a complicated and challenging environment, so we base our claims approach on quality and flexibility.

Our claims handlers thoroughly understand the issues our policyholders face, gained through regular contact with policyholders and years of experience in the industry.

In the event of a claim, policyholders receive immediate, practical advice and ongoing support. Our ability to draw on specific expertise also enables us to develop and implement a responsive, constructive strategy – designed to resolve situations in the most positive, supportive, and cost-effective way.

Claims support and advice are available to policyholders at all times – not just when things go wrong.

Our proactive approach means we remain at the forefront of current events, enabling us to respond to emerging industry issues and incidents, and give customers clarity on the potential impact these may have on their cover.

Make a claim

As part of NorthStandard Group, we have the support of a global network of offices providing 24/7 claims service to our Clients. To make a claim on your Aquaculture Insurance policy, please email or get in touch with a member of the claims handling team.

An overview on the claims process for each area is available below.

Aquaculture - Stock Claims

Our aquaculture policy covers escapes following an event and mortality either as an event or for disease, should it become clinical and mortality start to increase above normal levels.

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Aquaculture - Equipment Claims

We work with you to protect your aquaculture equipment by providing a specific policy to ensure maximum safety and security.

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Angling Lakes - Stock Claims

We also have a stock policy tailored to owners of angling lakes, providing bespoke support to this specific area of the Aquaculture industry.

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Aquaculture Claims Form

Aquaculture Damage Report & Claim Form (Stock & Equipment)



When will my claim be settled?

We provide a professional and prompt service that will consider each claim on its own merits.

How is the loss calculated?

This is at the discretion of the proposer and represents the limit that is claimable under this policy. If a claim is made then the limit is reduced by the value lost. If desired, a reinstatement premium can be paid to restore the First Loss Limit to the pre-loss level.

When should I report loss of fish?

Any losses that may result in a claim on the policy should be reported as soon as possible by phone, fax or email.

Once notification has been received Sunderland Marine and Aquaculture Risk Management will be able to provide advice on the most appropriate action to take.

What evidence do I need to keep during a loss?

All primary documentary evidence should be kept for review if the loss results in a claim. Photographs should be taken of mortality and sample weights of the mortality should be taken.