In our mission to provide tailored and technical Aquaculture insurance, we are committed to assisting our Clients by sharing relevant information that contributes to improved production.

Advice and Support

Our dedicated team of Aquaculture Risk Managers are on hand to advise and support all Clients on all aspects of production. The Aquaculture Risk Managers have direct experience in the Aquaculture industry and conduct regular surveys for all Clients.

We provide general guidance and tailored support, equipping you with the tools to make the right decisions for your Aquaculture business.

As part of our service, Sunderland Marine periodically provide Event Risk Management (ERM) conferences to their Clients. These ERM conferences are tailored to meet the client’s needs and cover a range of subjects and are hosted by Sunderland Marine.

As well as our in-house experts we have an extensive network of independent speakers who can share their knowledge on specific topics.

Want to know more?

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