We provide tailored and technical aquaculture insurance for fish farms and other aquaculture businesses. When insuring your aquaculture business with Sunderland Marine, you should read the policy documents closely to make sure the cover is right for you.

Aquaculture Policies

Sunderland Marine has been insuring fish farms around the world since 1986. During this time our underwriters, claims handlers and risk surveyors have been working with our Clients, providing technical assistance and promoting best practice on the farms. Our policies are bespoke and cover the following perils as standard:

  • Algal bloom
  • Disease
  • Drought
  • Equipment failure
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Jellyfish bloom
  • Malicious acts
  • Natural Catastrophes
  • Pollution
  • Predation
  • Storm
  • Theft
  • Water quality
  • Water temperature

Angling Lakes Policy

For angling lake owners and managers, the policy includes:

  • Stock mortality


All our Aquaculture and Angling Lakes policies provide:

  • Clarity – know exactly what you’ll pay to cover your stock.
  • Transparency – cover all or part of your stock. You decide the cover levels that are best for you.
  • Value for Money – get the right insurance cover for your business and stock. Please note that each Angling Lakes policy will be subject to a minimum premium of £400 plus tax.
  • Peace of Mind – you’ll have the right cover at the right price.

To find out more about our Aquaculture or Angling Lakes policies, please contact one of the team below. 

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What species do you insure?

We are happy to insure finfish, however for inquiries for prawns and other shellfish, please contact James Simison or Calvin Hillary via email on james.simison@sunderlandmarine.com or calvin.hillary@sunderlandmarine.com, or on +44 (0) 191 232 5221.

Do you only insure aquaculture facilities which produce fish for the table?

No, we also provide cover for sport fisheries, research establishments, plus sites which use aquaculture techniques to farm species leading to pharmaceutical and bio-fuel products.

Can I insure my equipment as well?

Yes, all production equipment can be insured as well as vessels and support craft.

What does the Angling Lakes policy cover against?

This policy covers stock mortality caused by one of the perils in the policy document. Please note that this is a named perils policy therefore, in the case of a loss, it will be up to the policyholder to prove that the loss was caused by an insured peril.

Losses are considered on the production of mortalities.

What is covered by the Angling Lakes policy?

Stock is insured as per the indemnity scale in the policy document. This is produced using various pricing models around the UK. Only the species of fish listed are covered under this policy however this, and the indemnity value, can be reviewed on request.

Can I insure one lake/pond?

Unfortunately not, the policy will be effective across the site as a whole. This is because it would be difficult to ascertain if a loss had occurred in an insured or uninsured pond.

Can I only insure my carp?

Although the indemnity scale lists a number of species that can be insured under the policy, a single species can be insured if desired.

In these instances, we will still require an inventory of the lakes for risk management purposes, however only the value of the carp will be used in the calculation of the sum insured.