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With Sunderland Marine Owners’ Fixed Premium insurance, you benefit from an agile and responsive team of experts, backed by one of the world’s leading maritime insurance providers, NorthStandard. 

Whether you’re an Insured or broker, we aim always to deliver the market-leading service that NorthStandard is renowned for. We understand that time is important to you. We act swiftly and effectively, minimising operational downtime if you need to make a claim. 

Our responsive team of experts, tailored approach and mission to always exceed expectations is why we are your owners’ insurer of choice.

What we cover

We provide Owners’ Fixed Premium insurance for owners of small vessels, typically under 10,000 GT, that do not require the high limits of liability provided by the IG mutual cover.

Covering worldwide, coastal and inland trading vessels, the fixed premium insurance provides limits of liability up to US$500m (P&I) and US$5m (FD&D) and benefits from trading certificates and blue cards issued by the S&P A-rated North. Early in 2020, NorthStandard retained its ‘A’ financial strength rating for the sixteenth consecutive year. 

As a NorthStandard Insured, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your marine assets are suitably protected by the best insurer in the market. 

For a full breakdown of our comprehensive cover:

Your guide to Owners’ Fixed Premium

Explore the full spectrum of our Owners’ Fixed Premium insurance services, including FAQs and training support.

Financial Strength

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