Experience in aquaculture

Fish farming is subject to many risks, some of which, such as extreme weather events, cannot be avoided. However, one of the most significant risk factors in fish farming is also one of the most avoidable: human error.

The chances of an incident occurring due to human error increase as a worker becomes fatigued and loses concentration. Rapid advances in technology have put Artificial Intelligence at the disposal of the fish farmer, whose usefulness in monitoring routine tasks allows staff to concentrate on the core aspects of their job.

Yet even AI is no substitute for good training and experience.

As the world’s leading insurer of aquaculture risks, Sunderland Marine has a team of expert risk managers who have direct experience in the aquaculture industry and conduct regular surveys for all policyholders.

The Aquaculture Risk Management team provides general guidance and tailored support on all aspects of production, equipping fish farmers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and minimise risk.

As part of the service, Sunderland Marine periodically hosts Event Risk Management (ERM) conferences that are tailored to its policyholders. These events cover a range of topics and allow the policyholder to discuss their needs with risk managers and other leading industry specialists, including in-house experts.

Independent speakers at ERM conferences have included academics, government scientists, engineers and technology developers – all of whom have been happy to share their unique insights with our policyholders.

For more information on our Aquaculture Risk Management services, please visit: https://www.sunderlandmarine.com/service/aquaculture/risk-management/

Originally published by Fish Farmer Magazine