Sunderland Marine Sponsors New Training Equipment at the Scottish Maritime Academy

Representatives from Sunderland Marine recently attended the Scottish Maritime Academy to present the nautical training facility with a range of new navigational and stability equipment including a peloras. They also provided a range of equipment to support the delivery of meteorology.

Linda Hope, Centre Manager said, “Fishing courses represent approximately half of all the training that the Academy offers in Peterhead. This equipment will be greatly appreciated by our lecturing teams and students who are enrolled on introductory and Class 1 and Class 2 fishing courses. We are extremely grateful for this investment by Sunderland Marine in our fishing courses.”

Michael Thomson, Sunderland Marine Underwriter said, “Sunderland Marine is committed to the promotion of safety and supporting the training of new fishermen. We are delighted to start the new year by continuing our long-standing support of the Scottish Maritime Academy.”

Pictured with Alan Ure and Michael Thomson of Sunderland Marine are Marc Addison (left) and John George Buchan (right). Marc and John George work on Sunderland Marine-insured vessels the Benarkle and the Pathway, respectively.

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Sunderland Marine’s Michael Thomson and Alan Ure present new navigational and stability equipment to the Scottish Maritime Academy. Pictured also are fishing students Marc (of the Benarkle) and John George (of the Pathway).