New Personal Flotation Devices Regulations Flagged at Recent Seminar

Three members of the Sunderland Marine team Michael Thomson (Underwriter), Graham Darke (Senior Claims Adjuster) and Alan Ure (Risk Surveyor) were present at a well-attended seminar in Peterhead which was organised by Scottish law firm Brodies LLP on Wednesday 20th March. The subject of the seminar was the UK’s adoption of the International Labour Organisation’s convention number 188 (ILO-188) which concerns crew welfare and has recently become part of UK law. The seminar audience was made up of a mixture of vessel owners, skippers and representative from some of the major local fish selling companies.

One of the most high profile areas covered was the making mandatory of the wearing of personal floatation devices by crew whilst working on deck. The practical difficulties associated with enforcing such a policy on board was voiced by some of the attendees. The need to be able to evidence working time for crew was also a point which generated lively discussion. Michael, Graham and Alan found it useful to hear the industry’s views first hand on regulatory changes such as these. It helps us to understand which issues people are concerned with and offer reassurance where necessary.