UK MAIB Issue Safety Advice Following their Investigation of the Loss of the Fishing Vessel Anna-Marie II

The UK MAIB has published a safety flyer following their investigation of the loss of the fishing vessel Anna-Marie II – an incident that resulted in a loss of life.

The safety lessons issued by the MAIB are:

  1. In open fishing vessels the risk of capsize and inverting, particularly in steep waves, is higher compared with decked vessels. Therefore, it is important that fishermen reduce the risk of broaching and capsize by conducting a thorough assessment to ensure they are prepared if a capsize occurs.
  2. The MCA introduced the mandatory wearing of PFDs because of the significant number of fishermen who have drowned following fishing vessel accidents. The potential benefits of wearing a PFD far outweigh the risks of secondary issues, such as entrapment.

Find the flyer and read the full report here.