Campaign to Tackle Man Overboard Deaths

The Home and Dry fishing safety campaign is urging fishermen to take three simple steps to prevent falling overboard.

Created by the UK Fishing Industry Safety Group (FISG), of which Sunderland Marine proudly participates, The Home and Dry initiative aims to improve the safety of commercial fishing at sea. The new focus of the campaign is on preventing man overboard incidents. Falling overboard is one of the biggest causes of fatalities in commercial fishing and the man overboard campaign aims to help vessel owners, skippers, and crew members improve their safety practices to reduce the risk of going overboard in the first place.

The campaign reminds fishermen of three simple steps that can save lives:

  1. ASSESS THE RISK: Think about how to prevent someone falling overboard – complete a written risk assessment and review it on a regular basis
  2. PRACTISE: Carry out man overboard drills to practise recovering someone from the water
  3. PFD: Wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) when on deck

The Home and Dry website contains resources from a variety of sources on a number of fishing safety-related subjects. This includes video instruction on how to carry out risk assessments, man overboard training and PFDs.

Sunderland Marine: Support, Safety and Training Information

To supplement the information provided on the Home and Dry website, you can find our easy-to-follow safety guidance in the dedicated Support, Safety & Training section of our website. This includes our Safe Home series of guides, quick-reference sheets, briefings and posters, tackling subjects such as risk assessments, toolbox talks and safety management.

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