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Sunderland Marine - Safety & Training

Safety & Training

We believe that well targeted safety and training initiatives contribute to safer seas and claims avoidance.

We aim to provide our policyholders with support and guidance, reducing your exposure to claims, as well as information upon which you can base your own loss prevention and safety programmes.


If you are new to a vessel, our illustrated guide Safe Out, Safe Home is designed to help you. It can also help skippers and old hands, both as a refresher and for training new crew. It takes you through the basic familiarisation you should get on every fishing boat, including safety clothing, fire drills and giving first aid. The guide is also available as an animation.

You can use the links below to download our poster series Safe Home which compares and contrasts good and bad practice on board fishing vessels using coloured illustrations.

We also have a number of briefings and quick reference sheets which tackle a number of topics relating to safety management. These provide detailed practical advice and guidance on topical subjects.

For more information on our publications or initiatives, please contact our team at: