Following the merger of North and Sunderland Marine in 2014, the final step in this important diversification strategy came to fruition on 30 June 2020, with the completion of the Part VII transfer of Sunderland Marine’s business into North.

To mark this milestone, and to further embed Sunderland Marine’s place in the North Group, we have taken this opportunity to update the brand to align it with the North Group.

Brand Components

Our brand has 3 components: the roundel, the unique typeface (or font) and the strapline.


The roundel

The new design emphasises our insured and Clients centric approach and subtly highlights the strong service and business links between Sunderland Marine and North.

The typeface (font)

The bespoke font uses upper and lowercase text that is bold, confident, contemporary, less formal and easy to use. We know that these are many of the attributes that people already associate with Sunderland Marine and North.

The strapline

The strapline – ‘Fixed Premium Insurance from North’ highlights the strong link with the North Group and the benefits associated with being part of this Group, such as financial strength and global reach

Unique Service Identities

Each product or service marketed under the Sunderland Marine brand name will benefit from its own unique service description, reflecting the key values appreciated by Clients and insureds:

  • Aquaculture: Tailored & Technical
  • Fishing, Coastal and Specialist Vessel: Expert & Personal
  • Owners’ Fixed Premium: Agile & Responsive