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Industry News

Safety Report: ATSB publish report on foundering of the fishing vessel Vennesa S following loss of propulsion

27 September 2017

On the afternoon of 20 June 2017, the 22 m fishing vessel0F1 Venessa S (cover) was being prepared for sea at the Fisherman’s Co-op wharf, Port Stephens, New South Wales. The crew comprised the skipper and five deck crew, two of whom were new to the vessel.
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Owner of boat where two Northumberland fishermen died is jailed over safety breaches - The Chronicle

3 August 2017

The owner of a boat on which two fishermen died of carbon monoxide poisoning has been jailed for 15 months.
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SAFE-BOAT SMART-BOAT: Abandoning ship... - Commercial Fisheries News

14 July 2017

The decision no fisherman ever wants to make; how to prepare for disaster, survival, and rescue.
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Aquaculture will help millions escape poverty - The Fish Site

11 July 2017

A programme to assist 3.5 million people to exit poverty and reduce the number of people suffering from deficiencies in essential micronutrients by 2.4 million has now been launched.
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Accident Report: Accident on the twin rig prawn trawler Sea Harvester with 1 person seriously injured

7 July 2017

Investigation report into marine accident including what happened and safety lessons learned.
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European guide for risk prevention in small fishing vessels

23 June 2017

This guide is designed to prevent risk for small fishing vessels and those working on them, so that both the vessels and their crews return safe and sound after a trip.
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