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SAFE BOAT SMART BOAT: Abandoning ship: Boarding the liferaft

3 November 2017

The decision to abandon ship and then taking the steps necessary to maximise chances for survival and rescue. 
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USCG stress importance of understanding fishing vessel stability following recent casualty

11 October 2017

The Office of Inspections and Compliance has issued Marine Safety Alert 11/17: Remain upright by fully understanding vessel stability.
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Safety Report: ATSB publish report on foundering of the fishing vessel Vennesa S following loss of propulsion

27 September 2017

On the afternoon of 20 June 2017, the 22 m fishing vessel0F1 Venessa S (cover) was being prepared for sea at the Fisherman’s Co-op wharf, Port Stephens, New South Wales. The crew comprised the skipper and five deck crew, two of whom were new to the vessel.
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Owner of boat where two Northumberland fishermen died is jailed over safety breaches - The Chronicle

3 August 2017

The owner of a boat on which two fishermen died of carbon monoxide poisoning has been jailed for 15 months.
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SAFE-BOAT SMART-BOAT: Abandoning ship... - Commercial Fisheries News

14 July 2017

The decision no fisherman ever wants to make; how to prepare for disaster, survival, and rescue.
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Aquaculture will help millions escape poverty - The Fish Site

11 July 2017

A programme to assist 3.5 million people to exit poverty and reduce the number of people suffering from deficiencies in essential micronutrients by 2.4 million has now been launched.
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