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Sunderland Marine - Policyholder's Stories

John Affleck, Owner of MFV Soph-Ash-Jay and MFV Jas-N

Policyholder's Stories

Claim for Propeller Fouling

“As the owner of two fishing vessels it is reassuring to know the experience of Sunderland Marine is on standby should the occasion arise. This was beneficial when the unfortunate time came when I needed to make two claims in succession.

After suffering engine failure sporadically for over a year unable to find the cause the cost had exceeded considerably, one phone call to Sunderland Marine and Mike Wilson did not fail my expectations. Details discussed and cheque in the post. This had been a stressful time which the team at Sunderland Marine ended with ease.

For the many years I have been with Sunderland Marine having never made a claim to make a second in a short time was unfortunate but this was no problem, the damage was surveyed and all was finalized within a month.

The professional way Mike Wilson and the team at Sunderland Marine team handled my cases was exceptional and I would certainly recommend them to all vessel owners.

Mike Wilson, John Lamb and all the team certainly know how to get a job done. To deal with a company with this level of expertise is second to none.”


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