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Sunderland Marine - Policyholder's Stories

Basil Wills - Northern Ireland Owner

Policyholder's Stories

"32 years ago when I first entered the fishing industry I chose to insure my vessel with Sunderland Marine as I classed them as the only dedicated fishing vessel insurer. 32 years and several more fishing boats later I am happy to say I have stayed with Sunderland Marine, an insurer that is part of the industry and provides outstanding service due to the courteous, helpful and highly professional staff some of whom like Brent McIver have become a good friend. My first contacts at Sunderland Marine were Tom Rutter, Richard Race and Tom Watson all great servants to the company.

To date I continue to be thoroughly impressed with the personal service and sound advice I receive from Mike Wilson, John Lamb and David Burke, it is comforting to know I have the best fishing vessel insurers covering me and my partners. I pass on my congratulations to Sunderland Marine on their 130th anniversary I wish them all the best in the years to come."

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