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Sunderland Marine - CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR


No business exists in isolation. The activities of every business have an effect upon people and surroundings. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about considering the impact the Company has in delivering its services and acting in accordance with our mutual ethics in doing so.

We categorise our CSR in a number of areas and therefore consider the effect on policyholders, suppliers, employees, local community and the environment.


Sunderland Marine has sponsored various safety initiatives aimed at policyholders including bilge water monitoring and alert systems, safety training, seminars and newsletters.

Sunderland Marine’s claims handling has always been to provide the very best service.


Sunderland Marine sources most of its supplies and services from local companies. This saves fuel delivery costs and also helps to support the local community and economy. This approach is applied across our branch network so that in servicing customers’ needs, local support is chosen to assist the Company’s policyholders wherever they may be located in the world.

We strive to pay suppliers of materials and services on time as they may rely on prompt payment in order to survive and the Company recognises this.


The Company makes good provision for its employees through pleasant working environments, excellent facilities, remuneration at or above industry standard and an annual appraisal and review process.

The Company allows its employees to suggest worthwhile causes for support through a system of giving linked to the use of corporate facilities.