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Australia - FAQ

Aquaculture – FAQ




  • 1. Do you only insure finfish?

    No, we are happy to insure other species providing they at least reach the standards of production achieved by our existing membership. We currently provide cover for more than 25 farmed species, including crustaceans and molluscs.

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  • 2. Do you only insure aquaculture facilities which produce fish for the table?

    No, we also provide cover for sport fisheries, research establishments, plus sites which use aquaculture techniques to farm species leading to pharmaceutical and bio-fuel products.


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  • 3. Can I insure my equipment as well?

    Yes, all production equipment can be insured as well as vessels and support craft.

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  • 4. Do I need to complete a Proposal Form?

    Yes. The information provided in the Proposal Form is used by the Underwriting Department and risk management surveyors to assess the risk and to prepare terms. There is also a requirement to submit monthly stock declarations to ensure the correct premium is charged during the policy year.


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  • 5. Is a premium payment instalment plan available?

    Yes, available at no additional charge and interest free.


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  • 6. How long has Sunderland Marine been in business?

    The company has been providing marine insurance since 1882 and for aquaculture since 1986.

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  • 7. Who are Aquaculture Risk Management and what do they do?

    ARM is the technical and surveying team in the Aquaculture department of Sunderland Marine. Spread around the Company’s offices in Durham, Melbourne, Vancouver, Inverness and Dublin they conduct routine surveys of all aquaculture facilities insured by Sunderland Marine and produce a bespoke risk management report. In addition, the surveyors are available around the clock to provide technical advice and support to all of our Aquaculture policyholders. The service is free and complementary to all policyholders.

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